Both ADR20 & the SIRIUS Energy Monitor have built-in Automatic Load Shedding control system that can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, including the control of  HVAC systems, lighting, air conditioning, heating, manufacturing plants and building automation systems.  One or more ADR units can be stationed within different building area's and or in sectionalised manufacturing plants or sectors to automatically shed non-critical loads in a fully automatic standalone and prioritised manner.

The ADR20 may be used to automatically limit peak power demands during building plant power-up or factory start-up conditions when power demand requirements are the highest. 

The SIRIUS Energy Monitor has a built-in Server for Monitoring via a standard browser interface together with full function ADR to Automatically curtail Maximum Demand and Significantly Reduce Maximum Demand Penalty Charges.

The ADR20 Device ideal for Peak Demand Load Limiting.

The Sirius Energy Monitor is ideal for curtailing Maximum Demand via load shedding low priority loads, the SIRIUS Energy Monitor can also be configured to monitor both imported and exported energy.


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