Energy Management

Energy Management

A recent study by the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF), has found that big energy savings for households and business can be made by increasing their investment in demand management systems. Our ADR20 automatic demand response controller has been specially designed to take advantage of these trends by providing you with a low cost solution to managing your energy demand and avoid paying high energy tariffs.

The study shows that Demand management has significant potential to reduce carbon emissions from the electricity system and provide cost savings for both domestic and business consumers. The ADR20 has built-in Automatic Demand Response (ADR) control firmware that provides ten channels of fully automatic peak demand limiting or load shedding control - designed specifically for avoiding higher billing tariffs and penalties, so commonly applied by energy distributors today. The ADR20 contains a fully automatic ten level prioritised maximum demand monitor and ADR controller that is designed to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in harsh and excessive penalty rates that are now very common with most energy distributors.

Contact us to discuss your particular circumstances, lets us explain and show you exactly how and where you can benefit. Our experience has shown time and time again that enormous savings can be made with little or no operational disruption to homes, apartments, offices, warehouse or manufacturing plants. In most cases our proposals will start saving you energy and money almost immediately, with payback times of typically  months or even less. We also provide energy auditing services and demand side management solutions that can guarantee savings and energy consumption targets.



Our Energy monitors can measure both IMPORTED AND EXPORTED ENERGY. The ADR20 is suitable for PV Solar Export Limiting applications in states where energy distributors have introduced regulations that probhibit or limit the energy exported in grid connected PV Solar Installations. Contact EnergyMonitors now for specific details and how our systems can be used to provided low cost EXPORT LIMITED systems with Grid-Connected Solar Systems.


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