Sirius Server System Pak 1

Sirius Server System Pak 1
Sirius Server System Pak 1 Sirius Server System Pak 1 Sirius Server System Pak 1 Sirius Server System Pak 1
Brand: Synctek Pty Ltd (Australian Designed & Manufactured)
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The Sirius Server System Bundle comes complete with:

  • One Sirius Server - 14 Energy Channels with built-in Server
  • 4 X 45A Single Phase Energy Sensors (Monitors 4 Imported Energy Channels)
  • Auxillary Power supply

Our Sirius Server energy monitoring systems use real energy meters with class 1 accuracy that conforms to billing meter standards , these are not “kitchen timer toys”.

  • Measure Imported and exported Energy (Exported energy requires additional sensor option, not included in Kit)
  • Measure Energy Consumption that is compatible with present day energy metering standards.
  • Operates in multiple modes in real time, provides pre-settable events and alarms and simultaneous monitoring of ancillary functions like Energy Demand, Energy Consumption, Gas, Water, PV Solar, Tank Levels, and much more.
  • Operational efficiency may be reduced and energy consumption can be significantly improved
  • The quality and reliability of critical supply and energy demand needs can be boosted;
  • 7 programmable outputs for its built-in ADR load shedding control system
  • Avoid Maximum Energy demand penalties commonly employed by energy distributors.
  • Provides increased control over specific plant operations - both essential and non-essential;
  • Distributed micro-generation systems (PV solar panels etc) are also be supported;
  • Green House Gas (GHG) emissions can be significantly reduced and or be alleviated.







  • Group illustration picture is for sample reference only, the server box may vary according to current release.





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