Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller

Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller
Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller
Brand: Synctek Pty Ltd (Australian Designed & Manufactured)
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14 Energy Channels, 2 Analog and 7 Outputs with built-in Web Server

The Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller provides modern solutions for the monitoring and control of any electrical load consumption system in homes, offices and factories. Enhanced technical features ensure class 1 accuracy for energy demand monitoring using proprietary designed electronic circuitry and computer software systems that have been fully developed in-house by Synctek.
The Sirius Energy Monitor & Controller measures Energy Consumption that is compatible with present day energy metering standards, in its basic application, the Sirius system accurately measures, logs and controls energy demand continuously, 24 hours a day, every day non stop. Data is logged permanenatly in 5 minute intervals and provides up to 10 years continious storage capacity.

The Sirius system has a number of unique enhancements that allow it operate in multiple modes in near real time and provides features and capabilities that are second to none, even when compared to systems costing tens of thousands of dollars more. Located inside this
tiny, 105mm, 5 module wide, DIN rail mounted enclosure is an advanced feature rich 32bit, ARM based CPU web server and controller with all necesary non-volatile memories that connects to your LAN network and monitors and logs 14 Energy Channels, 2 Analog Channels. Each of these 14 Energy Channels can be user configured to monitor, Electricity, Solar, Wind, Water, Gas or Digital Input in any combination and all consumption quantities can be scaled to user defined units. In addidition the Sirius system provides 7 built-in programmable digital control outputs that can be user configured to control & operate physical real-world circuits and devices for such purposes as Automatic Demand Response load shedding, Time of Day or event triggered outputs based on specific user defined conditions.


>   14 User programmable Channels to monitor Electricity, Solar, Wind, Gas, Water or Digital States
>   May be configured to receive energy pulse data from supply authority utlity  meter 
>   Energy Channels can be 3 Phase or Single Phase and in any combination
2 Analog Channels for Water Tank Levels or quantities (0-5v, 0-10v, 0-20mA, 4-20mA) default is 0-20mA
>   7 Digital Control Outputs for ADR Load Shedding, Time of Day, Event Triggerred actions
>   Load shedding control based on maximum energy demand over 1-60 minute sampled intervals
>   Load control can also be based on daily, weekly or monthly time intervals
>   Built-in secure Webserver with multi-client access over local LAN or the world via remote internet access
>   Magnificent high quality, high resolution charts of logged data on user selectable time frames
>  Charts may be zoomed for detailed analysis, saved to files on local PC and or printed whenever required
>   Logs all data every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, every day with up to 10 years historical storage capacity
>   Built-in SQL database, data can be saved & exported to MS Excel or other applications for further analysis
>   User configured Events can trigger email messages and or operate specific output relays
>   Manual Output Control .. outputs can be controlled or overridden by local or remote access
>   Secure password protected user access control
>   Online updates available via the energymonitor server platform

With the Sirius System, Electricity, Gas or Water Consumption can be controlled using its built-in features of automatic Demand Side Response (DSR) by load shedding non-critical loads when appropriate conditions occur. Operational efficiency and reduced energy consumption can be significantly improved using these built-in features. The quality and reliability of critical supply and important energy needs can thus be made more efficient. The built-in 1-7 stage load control system may be used to eliminate peak or maximum energy demand penalties commonly employed by local energy distributors and provide increased control over specific plant operations for both essential and non-essential needs. Distributed micro-generation systems like Wind Energy and PV solar panels are also easily supported and overall Green House Gas (GHG) emissions can be significantly reduced or alleviated.


Description Class 1 Energy Meter Server, Demand Response Controller & ancillary functions
Power Consumption Less than 2W
Aux Supply Voltage 24Vdc (Optional 100-240Vac)
Dimensions 86 X 110X 58 (7 module wide)
Sensing Voltage Range 90 - 300Vac Line to Neutral
Digital Outputs Open Collector Relay Driver
Digital Inputs 14 X Inputs (Energy, Gas, Hot Water, Cold Water & PV Solar)
Analog Inputs 2 X 0-20ma, 4-20ma, 0-10v, 0-5v
Operating Frequency 40Hz - 60Hz
Sensing Current Range 0 - 1200A
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