Em20 Energy Monitor

Em20 Energy Monitor
Em20 Energy Monitor Em20 Energy Monitor
Brand: Synctek Pty Ltd (Australian Designed & Manufactured)
Product Code: Em20S-24RL1
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The Em20 Series of Electronic Energy Monitors provide a unique modern solution for the monitoring and control of any electrical system including homes, offices and factories. Enhanced technical features ensure accurate class 1 energy monitoring using our proprietary designed electronic circuitry and software (developed in-house by Synctek) to provide accurate, fast high resolution linear response under all load conditions. This feature packed Meter monitors Electricity, Gas, Hot Water, Cold Water, PV Solar Energy and Water Tank Levels which can be used for Rain-water harvesting and grey water tanks.

No other meter comes anywhere close in offereing so many advanced features in a single device. Our meters are "real energy meters" with class 1 accuracy conforming to billing meter standards - these are not mere “kitchen timer toys”. Whatever kind of energy monitor you decide on, make sure that it does not simply measure average current, real energy monitors measure true RMS current, true RMS voltage, track voltage and phase fluctuations, power factor and take into account inductive or capacitive loads found in almost every common appliance such as air conditioners, fridges, washing machines, fans, vacuum cleaners, electronic goods, fluorescent lights, compact fluorescent lamps and any device with a motor. Be fully warned that most quick connect, "clip-on" battery operated wireless monitoring devices so commonly available on market are NOT real energy monitors!

The optional built-in Automatic Demand Response ADR controller firmware provides upto ten channels of fully automatic peak demand limiting or load shedding - thereby avoiding higher billing tariffs and penalities.

Product Features:

  • Class 1 Energy Meter - Australian Designed and Built
  • Monitors 3 Phase or 3 X Single Phase electrical circuits
  • Full setup and configuration system with built-in LCD
  • Modbus RS422/RS485 Communication Protocol
  • Programmable energy saving features are built-in
  • Auxiliary monitoring channels for Gas, Hot Water & Cold Water consumption
  • Analogue Inputs are programmed to monitor water tank levels
  • Maximum & Peak Demand monitoring control system options
  • Optional ADR Demand Responce Controller -10 Channel Load Shedding System
  • Upto 10 digital outputs (3 Relays & 7 Relay Drivers)
  • Outputs may be triggered by single or multiple events in real time
  • 150 User Programmable Operating Parameters
  • Threshold Set point settings include delay-on, delay-off and hysteresis
  • Thresholds for Voltage including both Under & Over Voltage monitoring
  • Thresholds for Current including both Under & Over Current monitoring
  • Thresholds for Active Power including both Under & Over Power
  • Programmable Thresholds for Energy consumed
  • Programmable 4-20mA Outputs for Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, PF
  • Meets IEC 60687, IEC 61036 & IEC 61268 Energy metering standards
  • ISOLATED monitoring of all electrical parameters
  • Power & Energy Measurements Up to the 21st Harmonic
  • Simple “one touch” setup and configuration using our “Intelli-Set Pro™”


Description Class 1 True Energy Meter with Optional Automatic Demand Response Controller & ancillary functions
Power Consumption Less than 2W
Aux Supply Voltage 24Vdc (Optional 100-240Vac at extra cost)
Dimensions 86 X 157 X 58 (9 module wide)
Sensing Voltage Range 90 - 300Vac Line to Neutral
Digital Outputs Optional ( 3 Relay & 7 Open Collector Relay Driver)
Digital Inputs 4 X Pulse Inputs (Gas, Hot Water, Cold Water & PV Solar)
Analog Outputs 2 X 4-20mA (Selectable Outputs)
Analog Inputs 2 X 0-10Vdc (Tank Level monitoring) (Selectable Inputs)
Operating Frequency 40Hz - 60Hz
Sensing Current Range 0 - 1000A (with external CT)
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