LEM20 Motor Protection Load Energy Monitor

LEM20 Motor Protection Load Energy Monitor
LEM20 Motor Protection Load Energy Monitor LEM20 Motor Protection Load Energy Monitor
Brand: Synctek Pty Ltd (Australian Designed & Manufactured)
Product Code: LEM20S-24Vdc
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The LEM20 is the most advanced full feature Motor Load Monitoring & Protection Device on the market today. As an Electronic Shock Relay / Load Monitor Relay it is extremely fast and accurate, provides real-time Power and Energy Monitoring of Pumps, Fans, other AC Motors. It provides a unique solution for the control, monitoring and protection of any AC Motor either single or three phase with enhanced features that allow monitoring of true motor load, torque & speed. The LEM20 is crammed with many additional features that includes Modbus RTU, Two 4-20mA outputs, Motor Thermistor Relay protection, Over & Under Speed Measurement, Two Analog inputs and upto 10 fully programmable Outputs. Use the LEM20 for AC Motor Load control, Load Monitoring, Load Protection, Motor Protection, Peak Power & Peak Energy demand limiting, or Load Sharing and all your Power & Energy monitoring applications. Built in software features include, Electronic Shock Relay, Electronic Shear Pin, Power and Energy Consumption limits that could potentially save you many thousands of dollars in lower energy costs and machine down-time. All features are fully programmable via the built-in LCD display panel.

LEM20 Product Features:

  • Class 1 Energy Meter - Australian Designed and Built
  • Monitors 3 Phase or Single Phase AC Motors
  • Full setup and configuration system with built-in LCD
  • Modbus RS422/RS485 Communication Protocol
  • Programmable energy saving features are built-in
  • Analogue Inputs are programmed
  • Upto 10 digital outputs (3 Relays & 7 Relay Drivers)
  • Outputs may be triggered by single or multiple events in real time
  • 150 User Programmable Operating Parameters
  • Threshold Set point settings include delay-on, delay-off and hysteresis
  • Thresholds for Voltage including both Under & Over Voltage monitoring
  • Thresholds for Current including both Under & Over Current monitoring
  • Thresholds for Active Power including both Under & Over Power
  • Programmable Thresholds for Energy consumed
  • Programmable 4-20mA Outputs for Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, PF
  • Meets IEC 60687, IEC 61036 & IEC 61268 Energy metering standards
  • ISOLATED monitoring of all electrical parameters
  • Power & Energy Measurements Up to the 21st Harmonic
  • Simple “one touch” setup and configuration using our “Intelli-Set Pro™”




The LEM20 makes an extremely accurate and very fast ELECTRONIC SHOCK RELAY that can be used to protect motors, gearboxes and machines against damaging overloads, mechanical shocks, vibration and jam-ups. Conventional Shear pins and other mechanical torque limit devices can only provide very limited protection - they are relatively slow acting, difficult to size and do not always provide the desired protection. They also give rise to high maintenance costs and mechanical down-time which leads to severe productivity losses. The LEM20 can be installed at a fraction of the cost and will provide a very fast acting electronic "shear pin" that can be (manually or automatically) reset within a few seconds after the "overload" has cleared. Thus machinery down-time is reduced to a minimum and overall productivity is increased.




Description AC Motor Protection Relay
Power Consumption Less than 2W
Aux Supply Voltage 24Vdc (Optional 100-240Vac at extra cost)
Dimensions 86 X 157 X 58 (9 module wide)
Sensing Voltage Range 90 - 300Vac Line to Neutral
Digital Outputs Optional ( 3 Relay & 7 Open Collector Relay Driver)
Digital Inputs 4 X Digital Motor Control Inputs
Analog Outputs 2 X 4-20mA (Selectable Outputs)
Analog Inputs 2 X 0-10Vdc (Motor Temp, Temperature)
Operating Frequency 40Hz - 60Hz
Sensing Current Range 0 - 800A (with external CT)
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