Kato II SS Complete Server Bundle

Kato II SS Complete Server Bundle
Kato II SS Complete Server Bundle Kato II SS Complete Server Bundle Kato II SS Complete Server Bundle
Brand: Synctek Pty Ltd (Australian Designed & Manufactured)
Product Code: Kato II SS
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The Kato Series SS II Server System Bundle comes complete with:

  • One Em20 Energy Meter
  • One Kato II Solid State Server that allows remote multi-user access via a web browser
  • Three CTs rated upto 100 Amp
  • Auxillary Power supplies
  • USB serial cable interface system that connects to Em20

Our energy monitoring systems use real energy meters with class 1 accuracy that conforms to billing meter standards , these are not “kitchen timer toys”. Whatever kind of energy monitor you decide on, you should make sure that it does not simply measure average current, because real energy monitors will measure true RMS current, true RMS voltage, and track voltage and phase fluctuations, power factor and take into account inductive or capacitive loads found in almost every common appliance such as air conditioners, fridges, washing machines, fans, vacuum cleaners, electronic goods with switch-mode power supplies, fluorescent lights, compact fluorescent lamps and any other device with a motor or transformer. Be warned, these "clip-on battery operated" wireless energy monitors so commonly available on market are not real energy monitors!

Unlike, other energy metering devices on the market today, our systems:

  • Measure Real Power both Imported and exported Energy
  • Measure Energy Consumption that is compatible with present day energy metering standards.
  • Accurately measures TRUE RMS VOLATGE AND CURRENTS, not rectified AC average values.
  • Have unique capabilities that allow them operate in multiple modes in real time, provides overload/under-load pre-settable  alarms and simultaneous monitoring of ancillary functions such as Under & Over Voltage, Current, Power, Maximum/Peak Demand, Energy Consumption much more.
  • Operational efficiency and reduced energy consumption can be significantly improved
  • The quality and reliability of critical supply and energy demand needs can be boosted;
  • The optional prioritized, 10 stage ADR load shedding control system may be used to eliminate peak or maximum power demand penalties commonly employed by energy distributors.
  • Provides increased control over specific plant operations - both essential and non-essential;
  • Distributed micro-generation systems (PV solar panels etc) are also be supported;
  • Green House Gas (GHG) emissions can be significantly reduced and or be alleviated.







  • Group illustration picture is for sample reference only, the server box may vary according to current release.
  • Server Wifi is available at extra cost if required
  • Three Standard 100A Split Core CT's are included in this package





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